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Manager SnP
Gerhart Armandho

Vice Manager SnP
Karent Nadhir

Vice Manager SnP
M.Rafi Hakim

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snp manager gerhart.png
snp vm rafi hakim.png

The Sponsorship and Partnership subdivision is a sub-division that helps and responsible for finding funds for supporting ALSA LC Unpad and conducting strategic cooperation for ALSA LC Unpad. This subdivision will be directly related to the Company, Agencies, even Government, also as a intermediary in some special occassion. We open up great opportunities for those of you who want to work professionally and enjoyable. We work with great, ambitious also fun and enthusiastic people, and it also makes you big and important as a part of great people.


  • Shilfa Lainun (2020)

  • Diva Salma (2020)

  • Daffa Isma (2020)

  • Naomi Lintang Paramitha (2021)

  • Muhammad Yusuf Aldrian (2021)

  • Raden Muhammad Fadly (2021)

  • Ricky Mangihut (2021)

  • Adrian Irawan (2021)

  • Bagas Satriawan (2021)

  • Sofadiah (2021)

  • Kezia Beryl Josephine (2022)

  • Naura Aqila Desnita Putri (2022)

  • Dyvta Cheva Alvessya (2022)

  • Raffi Valerian Darmawan (2022)

  • Anisah Yulya Azhar (2022)

  • I Gede Manik Aditia (2022)

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